Sunday, August 14, 2011

Long Absence...

I've not been feeling the creative writing mood as of late, though tonight, I've finally got something going. Have I been without cigars or scotch? Not at all!

However, I've been without something to write about, and unlike many that blog, I don't like intimate posts...I'm an old fashioned kind of guy, I cry in the closet, and then I splash water on my face and move on, it works well enough to get me through, what I go through in private isn't really for the world to know. My wife, on the other hand, finds solace in bloging about her feelings, and I'm happy she has a place to air it out. For'd much rather have a glass of whiskey and relax with a book, or some other creative writing exercise, something for my hands to do while my mind goes elsewhere.

So...absences will occur, I don't write unless I've got something to write abaout (As stated above). But I'll get in the swing of things soon enough.

Let's talk life...finer things aside. Busier'n forty cats doesn't cover what I've been at lately, and frankly, I can't stand it, and yet, I can't live without the sense of purpose I get from that balls-to-the-wall kind of momentum built up from being on the go from the moment I walk through the door until the minunte I cross the threshold at my home. I love my job. Simply put.

New car? Kia Soul...can't complain so far, though with the hills on this island, my first fear is that that damn front-end transmission is gonna crap out in second gear. But otherwise, it's a comfrtable ride, and a compact little cross-over. I was surprised at how nice it was. With a 10-year extended warranty, I'm worry free for a while too, which is a HUGE relief after the pontiac that I was under the hood on every few months.

Let's see what else? Leave at home...yeah, I felw home for the first time in three years in July, best idea ever! Cigars and Margaritas with my parents. Well, mom doesn't smoke, but Dad and I got to hit a cigar bar and watch the yankees hand the Rays ass to them while he smoked his old Favorite the Montecristo No.1 and I myself enjoyed my absolute the La Gloria Cubana Series R No.7 Maduro. My dad has finer taste, what can I say? Some things you just learn with age. It was a fun night, a night to remember, just sitting and talking baseball and everything with my father, having a drink and a fine cigar with no worry. Not often I get to do things like that.

After getting home and settling in, my wife, the mind-reader she is, also did something that I love about her. We had our special dessert of Hazelnut coffee and maduro cigars following biscotti. My wife of course smokes the ROcky Patel Vintage 1990 Robusto, her favorite, and I had (Yet again, a little farther down on the refinement scale) a Victor Sinclair Double Maduro Torpedo...not as smooth as my wifes, but still a fun smoke. We had a good time, and watched Mad men on Netflix...perfect combo...again, it was an afternoon to remember, sitting with the love of my life enjoying my favorite pasttime.

That's about it on the catching up. Things to, we'll see...gotta get work out of the way first...then we can see about all of this fun stuff...gotta lose my gut too, so maybe I'll show a picture of my wannabe six pack if I get it there.

Have fun all...I'll think of something else to say soon.