Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cgiar Review: La Gloria Cubana Serie R No.7

Length: 7"
Ring: 58
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra Wrapper
Flavor: Full-bodied

This is the cigar that changed everything for me. This was my first real cigar, the first cigar I ever enjoyed. I had it in Gurnee, Illinois, standing outside in my 'Johnny Cash' uniform, freezing my butt off in the 10 degree afternoon. A young slick-sleeve, I had a few dollars to burn every payday, so every weekend I went down to the Cigar Shop in Gurnee and bought Pipe Tobacco and a cigar or three...I had a little travel humidor that held about six was all I needed to get started...and hooked!

The first puff told me this was a real cigar...when you think if smoking a cigar, a big, long, luxurious piece of art, this what you are thinking of. The flavor is very full, woody, very natural and strong, like a good Colombian Coffee in fact. I like this cigar because, even though it is so powerful, it's still just as smooth as any other, and it truly is the poster-child of the cigar-world, the whole Serie R line is amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone. 
If you are a first-timer, this would be a good cigar to have something cold to drink with, like iced tea...if you have a tougher palate, coffee, cognac, or Scotch Whiskey is good as well. There are some beers that will also go well with it, but it's hit or miss. It does burn unevenly, so you'll want to rotate it from time to time to keep the heat even, and, like any large gauge cigar, you'll want to get the edges well-lit, else it will canoe quickly. It's an amazing smoke that I absolutely love, like all things made by Ernesto Perez Carillo, and I strongly recommend trying it. It's about $12  a stick these days, up from the $7-9 I used to pay, but still worth every cent. Enjoy! 


  1. Where do you buy your cigars at now? The NEX? I thought perhaps, after your suggestion, a few new cigars might be the way to go. A different flavor, a different brand, etc. Maybe like one of those coffee tasting kits you can get (where you get one type of coffee a month) only with cigars would be a good gift for his birthday. But I'm so lost in the world of cigars, so I don't even know where to begin! Thank God for your reviews on here!!

    And of course you will have to be at the wedding of your wife and I....LOL (Still seriously considering Lime as a middle name, BTW)

  2. You can buy them at Jungle Jim's...they have a great selection. And those guys there know their stuff, so if you ask, they can guide you to good selections.